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Couples Therapy – a practical masterclass

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but sometimes these become too difficult for a couple to manage on their own…

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Couples Therapy

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Probably the best training course I have ever attended. Very full, hugely informative content

Wellbeing Officer, Solent MIND

Why take this course

Relationship issues are one of the most common causes of emotional distress – and often the reason people seek help. A solid understanding of why difficulties arise, and what can be done about them, is extremely useful therefore for all caring professionals, not just those working with couples.

Drawing on pioneering research, Jennifer Broadley’s one-day couples counselling course gives you this important knowledge, along with a range of strategies and proven tips for working effectively and ethically with more than one client.  She shares the practical guidelines and skills she has acquired over many years of successfully helping couples using the human givens approach to build and maintain supportive and mutually rewarding relationships.

Presented without psychobabble, and making good use of insightful case histories, Jennifer demystifies an area of counselling that many find daunting or fear is complicated.

The day covers: the most effective ways to help and build rapport with couples in conflicted relationships; the sex differences in processing emotions; non-blame talking styles; the long-term impact of parenting; past conditioning, including psychological traumas, that can give clues about why difficulties arose; and what we can learn from the way successful couples facilitate mutual needs satisfaction.

Well worth attending – and the money. I'm going back refreshed and well resourced, with lots of new skills and strategies to try.


What will you learn

  • Essential skills for building and maintaining rapport with two emotionally-aroused people
  • Ways to encourage both partners to engage in solving their difficulties
  • How to teach non-blaming communication skills and explain the differences in male and female behaviour to clients
  • What to do if one or even both parties are having an affair
  • How to deal with issues specific to couple counselling, such as confidentiality
  • The key points you need to bear in mind when working with more than one client at a time
  • How to structure effective therapy sessions and goal setting with two people
  • Effective ways to help each partner begin to cooperate in helping the other get their emotional needs met
  • The key ingredients for a healthy and mutually rewarding relationship
  • An insight into the many common relationship problems – and how to help clients overcome them (illustrated with case histories)
  • Tips and techniques for staying objective and empathetic, whilst calming your clients’ high emotional arousal
  • How to recognise and interrupt disruptive behaviour patterns
  • How to use Solution Focused Questioning to initiate change
  • How to manage setbacks and keep the partners motivated
  • How to tell when the relationship isn’t the problem – and what to do about it
  • How to use Guided Imagery with two people
  • Information regarding the latest research into effective couples therapy
  • How early life experiences can influence our relationships, and what to do about this now
  • Creative ways to develop effective interventions, including using tasks and metaphor
  • Asperger’s syndrome – how to work with couples if one or both show Asperger traits, a common cause of relationship problems
  • Considering the wider picture, including other family members
  • Course notes, CPD Certificate and more…

Course Programme

The ‘Couples therapy – a practical masterclass’ counselling course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone working with couples or families, including psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, GPs, health visitors and those involved in mental health
  • Anyone who is interested in learning solution focussed, brief therapy interventions, working with the human givens, to facilitate a rapid process of change for couples in distress.
  • Anyone wanting to overcome their own insecurity in a relationship
Please Note

Please Note

This course is not a substitute for therapy.

Reviews for this course

5/5 (6 Reviews)
  1. Psychologist

    A very good overview of the subject – the importance of emotional needs as they relate to couples was also really interesting and will be very useful. Excellent examples throughout. Very glad I came.

  2. Mediator

    The insights into the different ways men and women see the world put into context were extremely helpful – and the ways to ensure each party gets its needs met as well as possible was very thought-provoking.

  3. Physiotherapist/HG Graduate

    A most informative day. So much information in a short space of time.

  4. Writer and Therapist

    Superb! The tutors’ personal experience made a huge difference to the depth, breadth and quality of teaching.

  5. Clinical Hypnotherapist

    I feel much more confident in my skills as a therapist and will also definitely be using what I have learnt today in my own relationship.

  6. Psychotherapist and volunteer mediator

    Such a warm, knowledgeable tutor – and obviously a very experienced therapist – it was a pleasure to learn from her.

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